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A Global View on the US Election 2008

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us_election2008 is a LiveJournal Partner community.

This community is for journalists from our non-US partner newspapers to gather the views and opinions of US LiveJournal users regarding the 2008 United States presidential election. These views will be, when necessary, translated into the language of the publication to represent the views of those living within the United States.

New topics will be presented by journalists posting questions or articles for review in this community. The goal is to discuss various views of those within the United States, so we welcome any opinions or ideas you'd like to offer as comments or conversation.

Our Partners in this community will be The Independent (UK), Gazeta (Russia), and Mint (India).

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Users are welcome to comment, but posting access is restricted to our journalist partners.

Important - please read before joining:

This community is intended to facilitate wide ranging public discussion of important political issues, including reactions of people in the U.S. and abroad to the U.S. presidential elections. LiveJournal believes that this goal is promoted by allowing its affiliates and business partners to republish content posted by community participants. This may include republication of content online at websites other than LiveJournal.com, and republication in other media, including print publications of LiveJournal and LiveJournal's affiliates and business partners. By posting content here, including in response to questions posed by community moderators and other community participants, you agree that LiveJournal and its partners and affiliates may republish your posts, in whole or in part, online at websites other than LiveJournal.com and in other media, including print publications, free of charge.