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Obama's chance to end the fantasy that is Star Wars

Johann Hari writes of Obama's chance to end the Star Wars programme:

One of Obama's first choices will bewhether to bring to an end one of the strangest episodes in American political history.


This is the tale of how a man with Alzheimer's Disease came up with a physically impossible fantasy based on a B-movie he once starred in – and how the US spent $160bn trying to make it come true. These billions succeeded only in making some defence companies very rich, and making Russia point its nukes at Poland and the UK once more. And if Obama doesn't decide to close this long-running farce now, it will make one more contribution to world history: the number of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the world will dramatically increase.

Read more.

Will Obama take the opportunity to make a dramatic shift from the policies of his predecessors? Would it be the right thing to do or would he immediately draw criticisms over the state of US security?

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