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Hi, this is Jyoti from Mint...CNN projections on how Race mattered in this biggest battle for America are finally out. As many as 44 per cent of voters believed race was important, which means more people came out to vote FOR Obama, rather than against him. Another CNN projection on the Youth vote said more than 70 per cent of the voting population voted in favour of Obama's ability to transform Martin Luther King's dream into a winning streak ACROSS America...both Black and White. Meaning, the Youth factor was much more important in this election than Race.

How awesome is that. America's ability to self-correct itself, after being battered by the rest of the world for its brutal, invasive, aggressive and right-wing policies truly makes it one of the greatest countries of the world !

Watching the crowd at Grant Park in Chicago rooting for Obama is like watching an advert for the United Colours of Benetton come alive !


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blackviolets wrote:
Nov. 8th, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
I live in New Zealand currently, and that breaking of the jinx as you said it has been the forefront of quite a few newspaper articles. It is quite amazing to watch how people were curious as I was working at my job at election night, and could tell people that Obama won. People are excited, bit now New Zealand has its own election...that I have heard as much about as the US election.
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