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plum pudding

Polls have closed in VA

  • Nov. 4th, 2008 at 6:59 PM
Home now, the lines never really got long again. There was some problems with machines down in Chesapeake from what I here, but it also sounds like that got fixed without questionable measures being taken.

Spirits have been pretty high all day, and now the state is about to hit the spot light as our polls close.

There have been some grumbling about the longer lines earlier in the day, but most the people I have run into today have been excited, and think today was a good day for voter turnout despite the weather.

Having finally gotten home, the answering machine contained 3 messages from the Obama campaign, reminding the family to go out and vote, where our voting location is, what times it was open and what number to call if we need help getting to the poll.