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winter, greyhounds

Update from Southeastern PA

  • Nov. 4th, 2008 at 5:24 PM
Reporting from a township in Delaware County with less than 17,000 residents, I am pleased to confirm that I have not witnessed nor heard of any voting problems or irregularities so far. Of the three polling locations I visited only one had consistently long lines, but the wait does not appear to be in excess of one hour. Turnout is believed to be higher than in previous elections with many more voters still expected in the next two and a half hours before the polls close at 8:00. Having volunteered at a local campaign office for a few hours earlier this afternoon I can confirm that both local and out-of-state volunteers were out in record numbers to assist Pennsylvanians with voting, ensuring all eligible voters know where their polling location is, arranging for transportation if needed and informing voters about their rights, including the fact that if they are in line by 8:00 they will be allowed to vote. Headed to my polling location now I will follow up soon with a post about my personal voting experience.