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Went in at 11 as planned. Got out at 12. Big crush of people, long lines at both polling places in my town, by all reports.

Lots of confusion at my polling place--people were being put into the wrong lines, were in the wrong district, and had to be re-routed to other lines after waiting for 45-60 minutes. The folks in line behind me said they had been there just after 6 this morning, were pointed by the man at the front to the line for district 8A. They stood in line for more than 45 minutes, only to be told when they got to the sign-in sheet that they were actually in district 8, and they were told to go to the end of the line for 8. They got frustrated and went home, and came back at 11 hoping for smaller lines.

Needless to say, those folks were paying a lot of attention to their surroundings this time around, and pointed out numerous examples of other folks who were in the wrong line, were redirected to other areas, etc. At least by 11, the workers had figured out that it was more polite to reroute the lost to the front of the correct line, instead of expecting them to wait in line an additional hour on top of the one they had already spent waiting in the wrong line.

We have two types of machines--electronic voting booths (push the buttons, see the lights light up), and computer (with a very frustrating dial for making selections). Our senior citizens nearly universally opt for the older booth, so some of us young'uns get to leap a bit ahead in line by opting for the computer instead--and at least it allows for write-in votes, which the older machine does not have an easy way to accomplish.

A teen who works in my office reports being at the other polling place all morning for high school play practice, and says the lines finally stopped winding out the door by about 1. Prior to that, the average wait was about an hour and 45 minutes.

As a general rule, folks were understanding and civil about the waits, though.


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gojohn99 wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 09:01 pm (UTC)
We had a polling place right down the street in East Providence, RI with a hazmat scare. Turns out it was nothing, but the polling place was closed for 5 hours.

celtickath wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)
Great to hear people were being civil. Glad you didn't have a long wait like we early voters in Atlanta but WELL worth the wait, and got to work all day 1st without changing my schedule, WOW!
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