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Grammar, Oxford comma

Voting in Wilmerding, PA

  • Nov. 4th, 2008 at 1:19 PM
Wilmerding is a tiny suburb of Pittsburgh, just far enough away to have that small town feel (and almost no minority population, sadly). I ended up walking to my polling place this morning around 10 because my car is in the shop. I noticed that the Department of Public Works Was out this morning, moving leaves around right across the street from where I was headed. They're usually somewhere else by that hour- if I'd had any Municipal positions to vote on, I might have thought this was a tactic, but nobody in the boro was up for election.
I walked into the Boro Building laden with things I needed for the day, passed a table full of "Vote Straight Democratic" fliers, and entered the room where the voting was taking place. I spent a moment chatting with two of the three people in the check-in area- one is a lady from my church, and one has a granddaughter that I taught when she was in preschool. There was no line, but there were voters at each of the four touchscreen machines behind their desks, so I waited a moment. The judge of elections showed me to the first open machine, and seemed hugely relieved when I assured her that I had used it before, and did not need for stock instructions.
Voting was easy, and the confirmation screen had all of the correct answers on it- so no obvious problems with the machine.
Leaving the room, I smelled... soup? Last year, there was a bake sale in the hallway. This year, the Ladies Civic Association had decided to sell soup to voters. I paused to chat with another person who had just finished voting, and she mentioned her surprise at the lack of people outside, trying for that last-minute vote. It made me think- yes, last year there were half a dozen men outside, asking me to vote for them or for their candidate, and handing me a little piece of paper with the name on it. This year, there had been a few posters outside on the wall, but no people- and this year was warmer.

So no problems, soup, and an odd lack of paper outside.

On my bus, I passed another polling place, this one in the city of Pittsburgh- an area called Wilkinsburg, which has a large African-American population. I only caught a glimpse, but it seemed much more lively than Wilmerding- people were standing outside, talking with each other, some apparently spiritedly.

I shall ask around to some others that I'll see tonight, and perhaps will have more to report later. Happy Voting!


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greendemqueen wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
I voted in PGH today, not a long wait, about 20 minutes, but no soup. Very pleasant experience! (This was my second presidential election to vote in) Best of all, the Steelers won!
cazort wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 07:33 pm (UTC)
When I voted there was no line...in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of Lancaster, PA, right outside the city limits. I knew almost all of the poll workers.
greendemqueen wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
We have the same poll workers every election so I know a few of mine as well. I used to work in a drug store near there and many of them came in a lot too.
morgaath wrote:
Nov. 5th, 2008 01:08 am (UTC)
That's what they call that comma.
Learn something new everyday.
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