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It’s unfortunate that in the United States there are recurring allegations of voter suppression and vote fraud (see the magic vote-changing machines in WV!). The onus is on you as a voter to make sure your vote counts. Here are some resources:

Don’t know where your polling place is? Don’t know how long the polls are open? Check your voter registration first. The information is usually on there. Otherwise, go to govote.org and enter your location. Can’t find your registration card? govote also has contact information for your local election board to confirm your registration, and information on whether Election Day registration is allowed in your area and instructions for doing it.

Don’t know if you’re required to show ID? Check the ACLU for regulations specific to your state, including whether or not you are allowed to display partisan materials (t-shirts, buttons) at the polls.

Someone trying to stop you from voting? There are three steps to take. (1) Check your ACLU rights sheet to be sure that the reason you’re being given is legitimate and comply if reasonable (turning your shirt inside out, for example). (2) If the reason is legitimate (if your name is not on the voter rolls, for example), ask for a provisional ballot and vote. (3) If you cast a provisional ballot, call your local election board and 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report the incident. Also make a call if you are threatened or intimidated but still manage to cast a regular ballot.

Allow yourself time to vote. Despite estimates of nearly 30% of voters taking advantage of early voting in areas where it is allowed, turnout is still expected to be high. Try to avoid the lunch and after-work rushes if you can.

Confused? This is not a test! You are allowed to ask questions of the poll workers. Be sure you understand how to properly cast your vote, and save your paper receipt (if you get one) to confirm your vote.

Go vote!


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calchandler wrote:
Nov. 4th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Seems the Obama campaign has been fairly good about making sure we know out polling place. I got a call from them around 7 PM EST asking if they could count on my support today, reminding me where my polling place was and giving me the hours of the polling place.

Rather nice of them, but I already knew about this.

I've lost track of what's happened, but there was also the faxed fliers in VA telling us that Dems are supposed to vote tomorrow because of overwhelming numbers are expected. That one got thrown out as a fraud pretty quickly though, and I'm pretty sure it's been forgotten.
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