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Peter Tatchell writes on The Independent's blogs today:

Will next week's US presidential vote be free and fair? Based on the conduct of the last election, possibly not. The 2004 election was marred by vote-fixing that would disgrace a banana republic. Four years later, few new safeguards have been implemented to prevent a re-run of the voter exclusion and ballot tampering of 2004.

This is the conclusion of Robert F Kennedy Jr, civil rights lawyer and nephew of JFK. In one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism in recent years, published in Rolling Stone magazine in 2006, he revealed how voting irregularities in 2004 were enough to steal the presidency for the Republicans. You can read his meticulous 14,000-word expose here. It is essential reading for everyone who cares about the fate of US democracy. Read more.

Question: Do you worry for the integrity of the election?


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zeitgeistbuzz wrote:
Oct. 28th, 2008 05:32 am (UTC)
Voting Machine Hack Vulnerability in CBS series NUMB3RS
Mainstream news may not be on to the vulnerability of electronic and "touch screen" voting machines, but mainstream media is certainly aware of it. The American tv series NUMB3RS on CBS (currently available on DVD) gives an excellent and chilling depiction in its Season 3 episode "Democracy" of how easy it is to "shave" numbers in crucial districts-if the same person is in control of both voting officials who authorize purchase of those machines, and the manufacture of those machines. If the mathematics controlling the chips soldered into the boards is "nudged" in a sophisticated manner, then no hacking is required to change the outcome of an election...and no trail, electronic or paper, remains to show how it was done. Very few people think to question the integrity of the machine itself...
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