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Leonard Doyle writes that Virginia has been faithfully in the Republican column in every presidential election for the past 44 years. The state's large military population and a wider community of veterans and family members could always be relied on. However, judging by a series of interviews with serving and former members of the Marines over the weekend, that run could be coming to an end. Read more.

Is McCain being abandoned by even his core voters? Or is McCain's support more solid than the media would have it?


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calchandler wrote:
Oct. 14th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
Many of these voters in the Tidewater area of Virginia have families. Many see McCain's policies as damaging to their futures even if they appear beneficial in the short term.

Others know that his track record for helping veterans is abysmal. And some just feel that he's relying to heavily on their vote because he is one himself.

There's also the high concentration of college/univeristy students, along with the children of these veterans who are old enough to vote that will be enough to throw the Virgnia vote in a direction it hasn't gone in awhile. At least that's what they say about the Hampton Roads area nowadays.
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